Ushering The New Age Of Hemp

We have joined forces to bring you 3 UNIQUE bundles, supplementing your natural and healthy lifestyle!

Innovative, Trustworthy, and Caring

We’re pioneers of a movement. Every day, people (and their pets) find mental and physical relief through our hemp products, because we get out of the way and let nature do the heavy lifting.

1000MG CBD Oil


200MG E-Hemp


500MG Relief Cream


1G Relief Roll


900MG Gummy Bears

Enlightened Bundle

Enlightened (adj): Having or showing a rational, modern, and well-informed outlook. Experience Pure Relief, in a grand fashion.

Inside Bundle:

  • 1000 MG CBD Oil
  • 500 MG Relief Cream
  • 900 MG Nighttime Gummies
  • 500 MG Relief Cream
  • 2, 1 Gram Relief Rolls


$ 260
Elephant Journal Discount

Spirit Bundle

Lifting the spirit, 1 MG at a time. We have created a bundle that gives the best of many worlds, all resulting in a healthier lifestyle.

Inside Bundle:

  • 1000 MG CBD Oil
  • E-Hemp Pen
  • 1 Gram Relief Roll


$ 100
Elephant Journal Discount

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